I thought that the video was very inspiring to me and others. I also think that the video is telling you that the world has changed since the virus and we realised that there is more to the world than what you think. The great realisation is a video to tell you to care for your love ones and to enjoy what you have.


I thought that it was very powerful. I think that all live tv people shoukd have these on every few days.


I thought it wasa really good story. everyone should look at the story it brings great stuff.


I thought that it was a powerful story. The meaning behind this is also very powerful ( like the Diversity dance ). I think that this video should be on public tv every couple of days.

Alisha and petru

Petru, the video was beautiful and i felt heartbroken.
Alisha, the video was really emotional and i felt heartbroken.


I like the video but it made me realise how much we used to use devices.


I think it took a virus because when we were trapped we made new things to do .


I felt kinda sad because its killing the world and animals.


I felt emotional because the man made me realise that things in the world are having worst days then me. So now I’m being very carful about things i do.


the video inspired me to not pullute the WORLD 😁


This tells us how it all started and before this virus. It shows how everyone felt like in lockdown and how people were inside at the time and not at school with their friends. Before the lockdown it tells us that families were a little bit separated because of phones, laptops, tablets and more.

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