Christmas songs

Love shone down <3

I had a dream that I was standing on a hillside
And all the lights of town
were shining far below
When up in the air beautiful voices
Sing a new song, let everyone know,

Oh and love shone down
over the hills and over the valleys,
Oh and love shone down over the world

Somebody spoke to me
I knew it was an angel
He said there’s something
that I think you ought to know.
Then he just smiled, said don’t be afraid now.
Sing a new song, let everyone know

And then he told me all about the baby Jesus,
How to find him where exactly I should go.
Then he was joined by millions of others
Sing a new song, let everyone know

Well did I dream or was I really on that hillside
On that Christmas night so very long ago,
When he was born Jesus our Saviour
Sing a new song let everyone know

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Mrs Bell

Year 6 Teacher

Hi, I am Mrs Bell. With me there is never a dull moment! It has been said that if you are looking for me in school you will hear me before you see me (as I am really loud). I love musicals and I see everyday as a performance. I love to sing, act, and make other people laugh!