CPD, Certificates, Coffee and Cake (Jaffa) in Lockdown!

Who knew getting certificates would be so addictive! I’m at 45 so far but don’t worry I’m not going to review each one!

As most of you completed your Apple teacher award I moved onto Apple Teacher Swift Playgrounds. You’re introduced to Byte your character that you have to move around interactive puzzles and games of different levels. The games were great fun and a good way to learn some of the coding lingo which was mostly new to me from toggleSwitch, singleSwitch, AND, NOT, OR. I worked my way around the various levels then to the test! Like Apple teacher its 4/5 to get the badge. Well I must confess it took a few attempts to complete the four awards of coding concepts, swift playground APP, Swift code and coding in the classroom but with determination and perseverance I did it. If you want something different I’d recommend but do all the games first and have a good play. It’s like Bee-Bots but on a whole new level!

I signed up to Open Learn through The Open University straight into Lockdown so I’ve completed a few now. There are so many to do so go with what sounds interesting to you and don’t worry about the timings e.g. 20 hours- I’ve found they are not as many hours to complete as it says and it saves your work as you go along so you can do a little bit at a time. Childhood in the digital age was a good one I just thought with all the children on Seesaw and using technology it sounded interesting it looked at” how different is a digital childhood, social identities in cyberspace, learning to think in the digital age and the future of childhood education”. There were some great interviews, videos and research looking into the myths and fictions associated with too much technology and how technology is being introduced into school as well as some areas of Africa.

Another good one was exploring books for children: words and pictures. It really made you think about the impact a front book cover can have on a reader’s choice of book just through its colours, font style and images. It explored various books including ones by Anthony Browne which we have used in literacy but it really highlighted to me that from one image on a page there is so much detail and interpretation that can be taken from that picture as well as looking at the composition and what objects and images may symbolise. The course had reading, videos, interviews and some quizzes and reflections so a good mix. I don’t think I’ll read children’s books in the same way again without looking deeper into the images.

I’ve just started doing some on the pod BMBC site, they are really good how they are set out with a check in quiz as you go along but it’s colourful and bright with information and facts displayed in an interactive way and lots of those are short 20/30minute awareness courses so nice to do when you have a short bit of time or between doing a longer course for a change. Just make sure that the progress bar in each section gets right to the end otherwise when it says you have done and click to do the evaluation it says 0% complete and you have to click through it all again!

I became a Seeswaw Ambassador at the beginning of lockdown so I attend Wednesday night webinar meetings (who knew what that was before lockdown) they are quite interesting and keep you updated with new information associated with Seesaw as well as some midweek training workshops. They have changed how Seesaw progresses so you will now be invited to be an Ambassador when you have used it for a while but first you must go through the pioneer programme (but it’s ok as you get a certificate).

A few other recommendations I’ve completed and enjoyed ACEs, Anti-Bullying Alliance which are 10 short modules, University of Derby understanding Autism, Asperger’s & ADHD,  managing behaviour for learning from Future learn which is good with teachers perspectives, stories and strategies but I’ve found with future learn they want you to pay to upgrade the course and that’s how you receive a certificate of completion so screen shot progress as you go along to make your own certificate and lastly for a bit of fun Kahoot certified for schools but be prepared for the pressure of reading the question, reading the answer options and selecting all in the time slot to be at the top of the podium, I’ve just completed Gold!

I could go on so just a few tips!

Pick topics and courses that interest you.

Don’t let the timings or the levels worry you or put you off tackling a course.

Have a notebook to make notes as you never know what question may be in the quiz! (I’ve filled one already)

If possible print certificates and keep in a folder as you go along.

Have a break I’ve discovered latte macchiato coffee and a Jaffa cake works.


Hope that helps Ruth

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