Crazy Coders

We have been very busy coding angry birds, zombies and Scrat from Ice Age this afternoon. We did an amazing job. We found it tricky but really persevered to get it done. We used repeat blocks then had to work hard to find out about how to use decision blocks.



This day was the best because we went on computers.I found all tricky⁸ but I was not the only one all of us found it really hard.On 1 of them they was a relate button and you couldn’t delete it and it was realy hard but then mel helped me and we figured ot all out and then I went onto a harder one

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Mel Fisher


I have had the pleasure of working in primary education for over 20 years, with a keen interest in using I.T., film and animation to enhance learning. I am a mum of two (grown up) boys and love reading crime thrillers.