I woke up in the morning at 7 o’clock to play on my PS4. I realize I have
forgotten to wake my sister up while playing Fifa 19. I go to wake my sister up by shouting at Her at 7:30am. I quickly run down the stairs to get my breakfast. After I finish my breakfast at 8:00am, I go back to play on my PS4.

Mrs Rodgers

Great Ouss! Can you tell us what you did in the afternoon and evening and use 24hour digital times too?

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Mrs Rodgers

Year 5 Teacher

I’m Miss Rodgers and new here at WCPS. I’m excited to get to know the children and community around our school. When I’m not a school I’m outnumbered by boys at home, who keep me busy with skate parks, football matches and keeping the fridge full (most of which I actually enjoy!).