I woke up in the morning at 7 o’clock to play on my PS4. I realize I have
forgotten to wake my sister up while playing Fifa 19. I go to wake my sister up by shouting at Her at 7:30am. I quickly run down the stairs to get my breakfast. After I finish my breakfast at 8:00am, I go back to play on my PS4.

Mrs Rodgers

Great Ouss! Can you tell us what you did in the afternoon and evening and use 24hour digital times too?

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Mrs Rodgers

Year 5 Teacher

I’m Miss Rodgers. My favourite things to teach are literacy and history. I also love books and one of my favourite times of the day is story time! When I’m not at school I’m outnumbered by boys at home, they keep me busy with football matches and other activities and drive me crazy with gaming! You’ll hear me talk a lot about my miniature schnauzer called Billy. I spend lots of my free time walking with him and tracking my steps. The other things I enjoy are travelling to different places, especially cities, and eating out.

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