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What parents need to know

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Worsbrough common primary

Parental update - September opening

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School Return FAQ

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Worsbrough Common Primary

key worker letter 2020
coronavirus letter 2020 3


covid 19 coronavirus letter 2020 2


covid 19 coronavirus letter 2020


Multiplication Check for Parents


We all know how important it is to keep our hands clean. We need to wash our hands after we have been to the toilet, before and after food, after we have touched Rhubarb and after we have coughed or sneezed.

How do we wash our hands?

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Paper copies of letters are available by request from the school office.

Safety Internet Day

Today we have been talking about being safe on the internet and how we can make the internet a better place, together. Please use the resources below to support the use of the internet at home.
Thank you to everyone who attended our ESafety event this afternoon.

What does my avatar say about me? from UK Safer Internet Centre on Vimeo.



Click Here for Internet LegendsClick Here for Internet LegendsClick Here for Internet Legends