The moon spins around the earth and is smaller than the sun.

The first rocket to space was rocket 11

The ISS orbits the earth 16 times in a 24 hour day.

Neil Armstrong was the first man to land on the moon in 1959 he is a very famous astronaut.


The moon
The moon is a sphere shape.
The moon is white and gray.
The moon orbits the earth.

Famous astronauts
Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong were the first famous astronauts on the moon.


– the. Sun And the moon are not the same size
– a rocket lands on the moon
– 6 spaceships can go to the international space station
– first british man to land on the moon is Tim peake


Rockets have an engine at the bottom and fire comes out of the bottom when it’s flying in space. Astronauts wear helmets in space to protect them. The moon goes all the way around the Earth and it shines because the sun shines on it.


Glory said
– The moon has a sphere shade and shines at night time.
– Rockets are used to fly up to space.
– International space station is a space station that sends signal to earth. It has one round part and 2 flat rectangles parts that send signal.
– Famous astronaut is Helen Sharman the first woman to visit the space.


Suzanna found a facts about:
“The moon is Earth’s only natural satellite”
-famous astronauts
“Neil Armstrong the first person on the Moon”
“Saturn 5 is the biggest rocket ever”


Moon-The moon only comes out at night time.
Rockets- Rockets can fly up into space
International space station-Astronaunts have to live in the space station
Famous astronaut- Betsie researched and found that Tim Peake was the first British astronaut to go into space
Betsie asked to add the sun- The sun connects all the planet’s to spin around the sun


Neil Armstrong was the first man on themoon


Nobody cnows how many stars are in space..


the moon is white

elysia wilcox

it is the title

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