Maths challenge 27.02

Today we looked at and explored time and “o’clock”. Look at the picture. Can you spot the mistake Amir has made? Comment below for 5 dojos!



The time is 12:15 as the big is at 12 and the smaller is on 3.


Keira says the big hand should be on 12 and the little hand should be on the number 3 ☺


He is wrong because the big one is on 3 and the little one is on 12


Holly said he is wrong because he put the little hand on 12 and the big hand on the 3


The time is quater past 3 .


Betsie said the big minuite hand should be at 12 and hour hand should be at 3. She said it would then be 3 o clock ❤️????


Elijah says the big hand needs to go to 12 and the little hand needs to go to 3


Short 12 long 3


Amir worng because times 12:15
Short is 12 long is 15


Amir should have put the big hand to 12 and the little hand on to the number 3


Elven says it’s wrong because the long one is at 3 and the short one at 12, it should be the other way round

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