Measuring Mass

Today in maths we explored measuring mass.

Can you make links to your learning and answer the questions below for 5 Dojos!



1. 16 and 22
2. 25 and 60
3. 500g, 7kg, 3.5kg
4. Yes Sam is correct. Because the lemon and the pear are both lighter than the banana and strawberry.
5. 81g, 82g or 83g


1 > 16 and 22
2 > 25 and 60
3 > Salt is 500g
weight is 7kg
fruit is 3.5kg
4 > sam is correct
the scales are the same level to other fruit

5 > 81g … 85g… 86g


1. 16 and 22
2. 25 and 60
3. 500g, 7kg and 3.5kg
4. yes he is correct, they both the same on the scales when weighed with the banana and strawberries
5. 83g or 85g or 88g

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