What is our Curriculum?
At WCPS we believe that our curriculum should be challenging, exciting, enjoyable, and relevant. We want a curriculum that is a carefully planned, thematic approach to teaching and learning designed to support children’s natural curiosity and stimulate their creativity. It allows children the opportunity to work in depth, giving them the time they need to reflect, consolidate and transfer their learning.

Developing communication takes place across the whole curriculum. Speaking is at the heart of all learning, and adults model ambitious vocabulary through lessons. Questioning develops the children’s thinking skills and encourages them to begin to problem solve. Children are encouraged to ask why things happen and to explain their thinking. Research suggests that the development of talk skills is best embedded in the teaching and learning of all subjects something which our curriculum is built around.

The key concepts and principles build up progressively, helping children to grow and develop as they move through school. Our curriculum provides children with the understanding and ability to gather knowledge (which covers History, Geography, Art and Design, Design and Technology, Science, PE, Music, ICT and RE) and allows a creative way of learning and teaching, enabling us to move away from discrete lessons into a more meaningful, engaging, topic based approach for our foundation subjects.

The curriculum we offer is designed to meet the needs of all our pupils. It is rich, varied, creative and imaginative and meets the needs of individual learners. After regular assessment tasks are matched to the ability of each child through differentiated activities, adult support, providing a level of challenge that is stimulating for pupils and questioning skills.

We value the importance of direct experience within the curriculum so that teachers draw out and develop children’s thinking and capacities in meaningful contexts. Core knowledge and skills are at the heart of the learning process with the children exploring a wide range of topics, to prepare them for life. A gather, skills, apply approach to planning and delivery of lessons is taken across school to ensure children develop a deep understanding and are able to apply these in a range of situations.

As a school, we believe that reflection time is an important step in pupil learning and progress. We ensure that our pupils are given time to reflect upon their learning. Reflection helps us to recognise what and how we have learned and what we need to focus on in the future. Scaffolding reflection in the classroom helps our pupils to develop and use the skills of peer and self-assessment – reflecting on what they have learned, and self-evaluation – reflecting on how they’ve learned it. Reflection should be about valuing and encouraging pupil involvement – getting them to share ideas, listen to each other and develop the confidence to join in.

Our Curriculum Approach to Recovery after COVID-19

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Our curriculum is continually monitored and reviewed. This is done through the use of pupil voice feedback and through monitoring by our curriculum lead and subject teams.

For Core subjects we use the HCAT assessment system to monitor, track and target set for attainment and progress through school.

HCAT Approach to Assessment

If parents would like more information regarding the curriculum we follow please contact


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