At WCPS, our foundation curriculum is progressive, builds on key skills and knowledge whilst ensuring coverage. Our curriculum offer engages and inspires pupils with rich experiences, the key driving force behind our curriculum intent. Foundation curriculum subjects are intrinsically linked to the National Curriculum objectives for each year group and planned across year groups.

The key concepts, substantive knowledge and disciplinary outcomes build up progressively, helping children to grow and develop as they move through school. Our curriculum provides children with the understanding and ability to gather knowledge (which covers History, Geography, Art and Design, Design and Technology, Science, PE, MFL, Music, Computing, PSHE and RE) and allows a creative way of learning and teaching.

Science Curriculum

Science is taught discretely during science weeks each half term. Science is taught through AT1 (Scientific enquiry) which allows children to test and explore scientific theories. WCPS celebrates Science Week each year and a whole school focus is given to developing specific skills and knowledge.

WCPS Science Policy 2023
HCAT Science Curriculum - Working Scientifically
HCAT Science Curriculum - Biology
HCAT Science Curriculum - Chemistry
HCAT Science Curriculum - Physics


History Curriculum
WCPS History Policy 2023

HCAT History Curriculum

Geography Curriculum
WCPS Geography Policy 2023

HCAT Geography Curriculum

Art & Design Curriculum
WCPS Art and Design Policy 2023

HCAT Art & Design Curriculum

Computing Curriculum
WCPS Computing Policy 2023

HCAT Computing Curriculum


Design Technology Curriculum
WCPS D&T Policy 2023

HCAT Design and Technology Curriculum

Music Curriculum
WCPS Music Policy 2023

HCAT Music Curriculum

PD and RSHE Curriculum
WCPS PD & RSHE Policy 2023

HCAT PD & RSHE Curriculum WCPS

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HCAT Sex Education Curriculum

RE Curriculum
WCPS RE Policy 2023

HCAT R.E Curriculum

PE Curriculum
WCPS PE Policy 2023

HCAT P.E. Curriculum

MFL Curriculum
WCPS MFL Policy 2023

HCAT MFL Curriculum



If parents would like more information regarding the curriculum we follow please contact and we can put you in contact with Mrs Houghton, Miss Rogers or Miss Wiggan, our curriculum leaders

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