Our First Post

This is the first post on our new blog and what a brilliant day to be writing about.

Today is bonfire day and this morning Cirp were coming to the woods. To make links to the work we did last half term we thought about different sounds connected to bonfire night. There were lots of bangs and some really realistic firework sounds. Some of the children also described the sounds they might hear. Bonfires fill all of our senses and this morning we had our own fire and bonfire food in the fire circle. We even had some sparklers.

I am so proud of Reece today. He came along this morning to help with the fire and making the hot dogs. He really was a good role model and a great helper.

This afternoon I was just as impressed when class 10 came to the woods. We talked a lot about when we are having fun in the woods we are still learning. I also learn things when I am in the woods with groups of children. One of the things I learn a lot from is watching who the children choose to work and play with. It is so interesting seeing the groups and who is in them. I like to chat with the children about the reasons for going in their chosen group. Especially if it isn’t one I was expected.

When you are deciding who to work with in the woods what things do you think about to make your choice?

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