The PTA encourages closer links between home and school through events that raise all-important funds for school.

All parents and carers are welcome and there are lots of ways to lend a hand, whether you have an hour a week or an hour a year, which allow you, other PTA members and pupils to spend time having fun together at PTA events.

Teachers Association (PTA) is run by a friendly group of volunteer parents aiming to raise funds as a community for the benefit of our children.

All parents/carers/guardians are automatically members of our PTA, but choose their level of involvement – attending PTA meetings, helping out at events (even if only for half an hour), attending events, donating prizes, supporting the various events, fundraising ideas, etc.
Our aim is to have a long list of helpers we can call on without the need for you to help out at each event (unless of course you want to!!).

We all have busy lives and we totally respect that not everyone can give their time, but really need help and support to keep the PTA going so we can provide the very best for your children. The more helpers we have, the more we can plan and raise!

Our fund raising events enable us to:

  • improve existing/buy new school equipment and materials
  • develop a positive link between staff, parents/carers, pupils and the wider community
  • encourage all children, parents/carers and staff from throughout the school to meet and have fun by providing a variety of social events
  • improve the home-school relationship.

If you feel you can help in any way, come along to a meeting, visit our Facebook page

Current members of the PTA are

Kirsty Smith- Chair person
Claire Tiffany- Vice chair person
Katie Dugdale – Treasurer
Kim Smith – Secretary
Please contact the PTA through their Facebook page