The Arrival

I had a perilous expedition ahead; the thought of leaving my family loomed over me… As did the horrific shadow . The shadow, the one that enveloped every inch of my body consuming my every move… Will it ever go away? The wave of panic engulfed me.

As I walked and left my house, I hoped that the horrific shadows would not follow me. My eyes widened as I suddenly realised, they followed me. Weakness defeated me; how long could i run for? Walking closer and closer to the station worry began to bubble up in my stomach. Were these the last moments i would spend with my family?

As I walked towards the station, I felt guilt because I would never see my daughter grow up. The crowds started to cry as some of the thick, murky, gloomy smoke covered the atmosphear. I felt my body fall into eternal darkness: it was time to say goodbye. I stepped onto the train and my heart shattered into a million pieces. I could never come back.

Sounds echoed in my dreams: my wife’s cries, my daughter’s screams and as always the monster roaring in my mind.
“HEY” bellowed the train conductor. “Snap out of it!” Quickly, I showed him my ticket. “Sorry.” I whispered as I quickly passed it to him. I transported my mind back to the good times (before the shadows came.) The time i played catch with my daughter. The memorys I would always long for. Hopefully I would experience this love once more.


I had an unsafe, unpredictable journey ahead of me, with the train waiting like the demon inside of me, and with a roar like lightning. I had to flee for my wife’s and daughter’s sake. Seconds were like minutes, minutes were like hours, and hours were like days. Lovingly, I held my daughter’s hands. We turned left. The closer we got to the train, the slower time became. ‘Was this a dream? Or was it a nightmare? A nightmare that never ended?’ I thought. Gut-spinning, anxious, heart-broken- will I survive this terrible fate?

My heart was as cold as the happiness sucking dementors. My Wife’s were like clouds. Rainy clouds or thundering clouds during a storm. Tears rand down my crooked nose, splashing to the floor. We climbed the stairs with guilt. The train was there, staring straight at me.

I stepped up onto the eerie, deserted platform. There were a couple of emotionless families that were staring at the strange, murky train. As a foul stench spread amongst the blank faces, the faces didn’t even flinch at the foul smell, which was extremely odd. Some passengers were little children with various hair colours; others were tall, skinny, blank emotionless adults.My brain and my heart were having a dual on whether I should feel guilty or not. There was black smoke erupting from the bell of the train.

I stopped staring at the old, rustic train and turned to my beloved daughter and wife, and said “I’m going to be gone for a couple of days. And I’ll miss you.” All my emotions bubbled with sadness and anger. Tears made a forcefield around my wife’s eyes, her hands were shaking, her lip was trembling,

“I…I’ll miss y…you St…Steve,” babbled my wife as she threw herself into my arms. I squeezed tight,

“It might be the last time,”I whispered into my wife’s ear.

“Bye Daddy, I’m gunna miss, YOU! she bellowed.

“FIVE MORE MINUTES LEFT UNTIL THE TRAIN DEPARTS!” announced a speaker somewhere in the station.

“Okay, I’ve got to go now,” I sobbed, walking to the train with my suit drenched. Will I ever see them again?


I had a dangerous journey ahead, why should I leave my beloved, caring family? Why should I leave my home? Would my be safe? I was worried about leaving my family, my family would be very worried without me. I was scared about what was going to happen to me.

As I walked to the train station, I hugged my beautiful wife and my sweat daughter as tightly as I could as they cried. I saw the smoke from the train and I saw all of the wives crying and I saw people coming off the train. Heartbroken, I actually wished that was me.

As I hopped on the train, I gulped to my wife and said, ” Im sorry that I’m leaving you.”

“Daddy why you leaving me?” Cried my beloved little girl. Sadly, my wife cried out, “We will miss you so much.” As i hopped on the train I waved to my wife and my beloved daughter. I couldn’t look back at them as the tears water down their faces.

I walked on the train. The train doors closed and I looked at my family one last time.


Why do I have to go just why? Why me? What will hren. To my famali? I don’t want to go no no! Just why you will go you will! Stop that! Plis. This has to bee a jrim. I don’t want to just live me alon.

“Plase come back!” Her voice is trembling with sadness. “What is happening to Daddy?” chied my litue girl!” way is heleauag us?” As I kneel to hug her tighty she whaps her amms thghy around my neck.

On my wey to the chren steshan just fora minutej had tears in my ays. Will my fameli feget me? It was tam to sey bye! I rusht to go on the chren immedialy I didant want to miss it!.


I had an unpredictable journey ahead. As i walked out, things ran through my head . Am I going to be safe without them.?As I thought about would happen to me, I stepped on to the train. Sweat dripped down my face. Anxious and ominous, I didn’t know what they were all alone without me. Would I be alive to see them again? Seeing monsters and lightning my heart pumped really fast. Worried nervous, gloomy-would i be safe or not? What would happen to me My brain thought would i be safe or not and started to get frustrated. Would I meet people that were kind? Getting even more butterflies in my stomach walked even closer, step by step to the train.

As we got there, I saw everyone give the train a death stare, families all hugging and people sulking dark clouds floating by me and I thought, would I ever see them again? The biggest regret I ever had. i just glared up at the sky with, cold dripping sweat coming down my face. The train dark and gloomy: it looked deadly as I saw people getting on the train, feeling like my last words were here. I felt like immediately I wanted to go back.

I walked to the train as conductor shouted, “the last call.”

My wife was sobbing whilst hanging tightly onto my elbow. She whispered in my ear”dont go.”

I held her hand desperately and said, ” there is no returning back now.”

Whilst a tear dropped from my eye.”

She letgo of me and said “I’m going to miss you from the bottom of my heart” my daughter and wife waved goodbye. Then i picked my seat and looked through the window and waved back. The journey had started…


Dread,worry,anxiety,I walked down the ominously silent streets of town. Did I make a mistake? Have I gone mad?Did I have a choice?Annoyingly,8 heard the rhythm of my shoes tapping ; tap, tap, tap; I heard the sniffles and sobs of my loving wife, but most if all, I heard a strange noise .A noise that made me shiver. Frightening, regretful, doubtful- are they going to be safe without me? Terrified,I carried on , tightening the grip of my hand in wife’s. Looking down at my daughter , who was looking down at the floor, I felt depression cover me like a blanket.

As we ‘er almost there, I think : who am I going to meet there? Am I going to be okay without my family ? Will I ever come back? Aggressively, my wife holds my hand like she will never let go. Hopeless, upset , scared – will I ever see them again? Still walking , we hear a bike’s bell , we looked to the right and we saw a boy with swollen eyes like he hadn’t slept. My body began to shake uncontrollably. As we turned to our last street , I began to weaken. Weaken because I had no idea what I had ahead, an unexpected journey for me. As we came to our last minuets all I could think of, all the voice inside of me was saying ”you have a dangerous journey ahead”.

As we arrived at the train station, we approached the train. I saw ;wives crying and waving goodbye blowing onto their rags ; others walking away, slumping their feet on the ground ; and smokey, spooky fog rising from the dusty surface . step by step , I got closer to the train,I heard the noise once more. That the strange , spooky noise that made me shiver. The blank faces of people walking by Terrified, I imagined my wife and daughter walking.Walking like they’ve lost everything. Paralysed , I didn’t move from were I was standing. I saw trains come and go. Blindingly, I walked through the misty fog. I felt as though all of my world had crumbled into rubble.

Heart-broken, I looked sorrowfully into my wife’s eyes . I tried to comfort her, she looked even more depressed.
”I’ll return. I promise”I whispered, stroking her arm.
” I’ll always love you.” she babbled, sobbing.
“last boarding call for the train to Berlin!” bellowed the conductor. I kneeled down onto the sandy , grimey floor .
“I’ll write every day, hopefully you’ll get them soon.” I muttered. She didn’t listen , she just dug her wet , tearful face into my shoulder. I hugged my daughter one last time and stood up carefully , I looked up at my wife and nodded .I step onto the train.
” Bye bye, daddy.” she added. I turned , grinned and waved . I once again turned walked slowly onto the train. As the train set off , I questioned myself: did I make a huge mistake? I’m now a solitary figure.


I had a dangerous experence ahead. Why did I do this to my family?
What might they think of me when I return? Why did I go? Depressed, anxious, grim this thing would not leave me alone a monster/beast. Angry, I worndered will i ever see my little girl graduate from higschool or see her get married. This new life was haunting me.

I was embarassed to think that I was leaving my wonderful family. Heart-broken, what will my little girl do with no dad? Determined my family urged me not to leave but i had to. Anxiously I walked with my family. Shaking, my hairs suted tall on my arm. My face was wet from crying, what has my life become? My wife was crying I know I couldn’t leave but i need to. Just round the coner I could see the train station. cold sweats ran down my back. What was I doing?

Me and my wonderful family approuched the train station, depresson fell apon us. Face-less expresions, familys seled ther arms around each other not wanting to let go. wifes trying to contain them selves from crying but couldnt do it for much longer. Children running up tp their dads. Smoke from the train filled the air, demons followed me as if i’m their nex victim.
“We are going to miss you.” Explained my wife them both of the heled my hand not want ing to let go. My beautiful wife tried not to show her emotions.
“I’m getting on the train now.” Tears running down my cheeks trying to wipe them. I was kneeling on the dusty ground hugging my beautiful daughter as she said.
“Daddy why are you leaving my?” tears running down my daughters cheeks as she whispered it in my ear while hugging me.

As i stepped on to the train unable to hold my tars any more not bering to turn back. Whenvwould I see them agan?


I had an unpredictable journey ahead…
I couldn’t believe what I was doing to my caring, beautiful family. Why did i sign up to this? Heartbroken, devastated, regretful- would my family ever forget me? As I walked down the dark street, I felt tears drip down my face like fine rain. Why am I hurting my family? Worried, home-sick, anxious- why have I stepped out of my home? Would I ever return home? Why had I done this? I had butterflies lingering in my stomach. They wouldn’t go away! Shacking, depressed, alone I feel like my hope is drifting away. I kept having flashbacks of all those happy and sad memories. Depressed, why do i have to leave my family? Why had i done this? Would I ever survive without my family? Would I meet anyone familiar? My heart is racing like a train at rush hour. What would my next step be? My hands were shacking and I didn’t know what to do. Why did I leave my family?

When I reached the train station, I could see: heartbroken families not wanting to let go of their caring family members, crying children and babies not knowing what was going on; families locked themselves to their beloved ones not moving a single bone in in their bodies. The dark, gloomy clouds filled the air with depression. I couldn’t believe it was nearly time to leave. The dark clouds loomed over grieving families.

Finally I arrived at the old depressing transition. I can’t believe its nearly time to board the train. I have made a huge mistake. Why have I done this? “I hope you have a good and safe trip daddy.” wondered Millie my beautiful daughter.
“Why have you done this to me and my daughter? Why are you doing this?!” Complained Vanessa.
I knelt on the floor and hugged my daughters hand tight like a monkey on a tree. I never wanted to let go.

“Last call to board the train! Last call!” The speaker announced. As I walked to the train my beautiful wife shouted “Please come back!” Her voice trembled with sadness. My heart was broken and tears fell down my face like a waterfall. I looked back to create a picture in my head so I wouldn’t forget them. I have made a terrible mistake. Why have I done this? This is the biggest mistake of my life. As I waved goodbye, the train pulled further and further away. I felt like a terrible husband and a terrible father. Life will be completely different without them.


Walking out the door thinking if I walk out the door will my family for get me. Sweet dripping of my neck. I wish I was not determined last month. My bones telling me don’t do this. Crying in the inside. Depressed,hart-broken,apprehensive-how would I get through this? Will I ever see my little girl grow up? What will I do with out them? Eyes flashing before me.

Will my little girl ever forgive me for going away? I wish I didn’t have to go and leave my wife and my baby girl. I don’t know whats going to happen when I get there. My hears are stud up at the back of my neck.

When I get there…. Black , gloomy sky and fog. Ashe was just about to enter the train will they forget me. I froze when I was about to enter. I saw lots of people coming out of the train and hugging there wife’s I wish that was me Is this possible.

“I’m so sorry” I blurted out as a tear dropped
“I have made a big mistake”
“Stay safe please”,I will miss you” moaned Amy , my wife.
My hart sunk tears dropping from my face making a puddle.
“Daddy, please don’t go , we love you , why are you going” sopped Milly
I let go of my kids hand wondering if I would ever hold it again. I promise to write to you every day. I all ready miss you darlings.


I fell determinded. A fearless demon over my head. Seeing a smoke from the monster. The train came and horned. Terriefing dark clouds from the sky. Everyone with their suitcases. We were holding our hands. The train stopped and horned. The train stop and maked a thick black smoke the station. All the people were looking heart broken and sit. wifes were leaving and husbands. They were sitting on their suitcases and a rusty looking place. I fell determinded. A fearless demon over my head. Seeing a smoke from the monster. The train came and horned. Terriefing dark clouds from the sky. Everyone with their suitcases. We were holding our hands. The train stopped and horned. The train stop and maked a thick black smoke the station. All the people were looking heart broken and sit. wifes were leaving and husbands. They were sitting on their suitcases and a rusty looking place.
“Dad please dont leave us alone” girl said. “We are gonna miss you” wife said. “Im going on the train now” whisperd dad. wife cried to much. I was grabbing my dauhgter hand tightly. “Dad promise u will be back” girl said.


The Arrival
As I left, a breeze of devastation flew across my face. Was I really doing the right thing? As we walked, I thought: why am I leaving? I had a hazardous journey ahead of me. As I looked around, a tear rolled down my face. I felt so ashamed of myself, just planning to leave my family in the cold mists of the town. If I stayed any longer, the monster would have found me and drowned me in it’s ocean of fear and anger. I can’t escape it – it follows me.

Heart – broken, regretful, depressed- was this the right choice? Clutching onto my wife’s hand, I felt disbelief that I was actually leaving. Desperate, I wished I was dreaming, I wished somebody would wake me up from this horrid nightmare. I realised was a privilege it was to say this woman is my wife and how much of an embarrassment to say I was leaving her. My body started to shake as the monster followed me. I couldn’t escape it’s horrible fumes. Everywhere I looked it was there, ready to strike, to weaken me. Has my family already forgotten me? Can I escape the monster of my nightmares? Was it following me? It stalked me…

As we reached the station, a shiver ran down my spine. My legs felt like jelly and my arms became weak. I could hear the sound of children shouting and crying. I could taste my tears falling into my mouth as I said my goodbyes. My arms locked around my wife and daughter, as I looked around. I noticed: smoke, bags, children and wet napkin on the floor, wet with tears; children climbing onto their father’s shoulders, refusing to move, and amongst the dark, foggy mist were mothers holding back their tears.

I turned to my wife and whispered, “I’ll be back as soon as i can, OK? I promise.”
I watched as her deep, blue eyes filled with tears and she gently held my hands.
“Y – you promise me th – that you will be safe, that this won’t be the last time you see me a – again?” She sobbed, clutching onto my arms. As I dried her tears, I slowly nodded and turned to my daughter.

“Daddy, do you love me? Why would you leave me?” She asked as silent tears rolled down her face.
I kneeled onto the dusty floor and grabbed her face. “I promise I will write to you every day.” I spoke to her softly. Sorrowful, I carried her to her mother while I said my final goodbyes.

“All aboard!” Yelled the conductor.

As I left to step onto the train, I saw my daughter being held by my wife, waving while my wife mouthed the words: “Goodbye, darling.”


The Arrival

I had a dark journey ahead of me. As I walked, my anxiety was tearing me apart, bit by bit. I didn’t know how I would live without them. Gliding I walked across the path, away from my home. Why am I doing this? My fear was building up inside of me. They were persuading me not to go. Was this a good decision? What would happen when I went would they be OK? My heart was beating as fast as a speeding train. Worried, anxious, terrified-would they cry? Immediately, I realised how much I would miss them. I was shaking, my blazer was wet with sweat. Heart-broken, I didn’t want to leave them. As my feet slid nearer and nearer, I began to hear the horn.

Finally, we arrived. My whole body shivered as the train came towards us. I saw: families clutching on to each other; thick, black smoke taking over the sky; wives were crying into their handkerchiefs. Amongst the suffocating smoke, I witnessed families refusing to let go.

I turned to my family I felt depressed.
“Promise me you’ll come back for us?” asked my wife, sobbing into her handkerchief.
“I’ll come back for you.” I agreed
“Do you have to go?” my little girl babbled as she hugged me.I felt her tears on my coat.
“I have to go, I’m sorry.” I murmured I reassured them. That was the last call, I’d better get going. I sobbed as I looked at the train. ‘ I can’t look back.’ I thought to myself. I’m at the train- do I want to do this? As I lifted my leg up, I felt a shock as waves of fear started coming, but I had to do this. I’m on the train now, there’s no turning back now.


Dark,deadly,depressing-should i have left my home? I felt like my very soul had just been shattered into pieces. But as strange it sounds I noticed a soul-seeking aggressive presence around me and me and my family. Was it death? Was it hell? Or was it something worse?

Any way I didn’t let that trouble me I had one goal, Get to safety or else this unknown presence would discover me and devour my life. This presence was a monster seeking death. My mind was full of thoughts and emotions such as should I leave? ,Should I stay? Or should I just wait for deaths grasp to accept me…

As we got closer and closer to the train station I could feel that same presence that I noticed before. But now it was enraged and out hunting me. My wife was crying silent sobs I tried to comfort her. But I had kept an origami swan but I had not given it to my to my daughter yet it was not time.

We finally reached the ghastly train station. The train was teaming with thick black smoke it looked as though it would start an aggressive storm. But then that presence it was here! I could feel it corrupting my mind and devouring my thoughts like a hungry leviathan then it spoke…

“The line between you and that train is so very thin which side are you on?” Hissed the presence. But then the train driver boomed”All aboard!” My wife started to cry I want over to her and put my hand on her shoulder and whispered”I will always be with you.” Then I went over to my daughter and gave her that origami swan and said”Good bye oh and look after that paper swan will ya?” I abandoned them and got on the train, went on an unpredictable journey waiting for the arrival…


When I walk out the house I regretted this instantly this journey is going to be menacing. What would my wife and daughter do without me? Would they be ok? Would I be ok without them? Although my wife and daughter are tough,I think they are too apprehensive to let me go. I am determined to do this but we are all so attached-we can’t leave each other.

Anxious,I think this is an extremely bad idea, they certainly won’t last without me. Heart-broken, sorrowful, grim- should i do this? As we approach the train station. My wife started to cry silently. When we arrived at the train station, she finally stopped crying, my eyes widened and a shiver ran down my spine. I saw:some gloomy, black clouds hovering above me as joyful people got off the train; others were crying because their loved ones have to leave them.

“I’m sorry, I have to do this, I will miss you.”I explained. They both started to moan. I didn’t want to leave them but I had to. I was so envious of the people getting off the train, I wished it was me. “Please don’t go we will miss you.”sniffled my wife.” Daddy please don’t leave-remember everything we did together.”cried my daughter. She didn’t want me to leave, she wanted me to remember everything we did so that I would change my mind and stay with them, but I had to do this. I just had to.


I had a dodgy journey ahead of me …
my hair was standing on the back of my neck.
I felt so heart-broken for my wife and my daughter for leaving them.
I wondered what my wife and my daughter was feeling right now?
What could of happend to me?
I felt a powerful darkness trying to communicate with me.
I am so embarrassed for leaving my family.
Why did i just leave my family?
I wondered what would happen if I stepped on the train…
While walking through the dark, black, foggy street, I could see people hugging eachother like they were going on an unpredictable journey ahead of them.
As we traveled further down the street the clouds turned darker and darker.
At last I finally arrived at the train station.
I could see one train getting ready to go somewhere distant.
Immediately my wife started to sob while my daughter wouldn’t let go of me.
Upset, I held my daughter’s hand tightly.
I say to my self while entering the train station “why am I doing this to my self?”
Terrified, i had no knowledge were i was going.
Heart-broken, devastated, depressed, I sqeezed my daughter goodbye.
I felt a cold chill down my spine.
Terrified, I felt my stomach turning with fear.
“Last boarding call for Brazil!”
Bellowed the conductor.
“I am going to miss you cryed my wife”
The time has come I finally arrived at the train station.
My daughter sqeezed my hand then immediately I got flash backs, then my wife held her then I had to go on the train…


Thinking about my wife and my daughter, see both staring at the train with their little eyes, staring at them a stranger took my hand, “Leaving you’r family I am right ?”He said “Yah, do you leave them to ?” I told him, we became friends ,his name was Fred , a pretty name right.?He allways agreed ,his jokes was the best, he told me that he never got married again his wife leaved him, we talked the whole day ,we both make a new friend his name was James but we called him Jems ”WE HAVE TO GO OUT SIDE!!” He screamed ”Why?” We asked but all of these was a dream we all slept it’s was just two persons awake Jems and Fred, and me of course.


I had a strange, perilous journey ahead. I felt weak and depressed where will I go after this? This will be an adventure. Nobody will know me ; I won’t know anyone, but I couldn’t go back now who knows what I will do

“I’m so sorry that I have to leave you.” I said

“Do you have to go?” My daughter asked as she got on her knees and hugged me firmly as she cried in my arms.

I turn to my wife I grab her tightly as she cries on my shoulder. She passes me some flowers.
“Oh these are lovely and I won’t forget to write to you both every
night. “I said.

“Why do I have to go?” My wife and my daughter hear me talking to myself.

I waved to them as I cried.


The Arrival
The journey ahead of me is unpredictable… Shaking, I was covered in cold sweat. I didn’t know if I wanted to do this. With every step I took I felt more guilty. Guilty about leaving my family by themselves. Are they going to be safe? Would I ever see them again? Were they going to forget me? I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t do this. Determined, regretful, horrified- was this the right choice? I carried on walking down the street to my doom.

Terrified and frightened, I looked down at the ground whilst I walked, already feeling doubt, I felt a sense of danger. When I step onto the train, what would happen? Would I meet new people?Would I enjoy my journey there? Definitely not. Anxiety covered me like a giant blanket. My heart began beating faster and I became more nervous. I was now getting closer to the train station.

As we arrived at the crowded, dismal train station, a frown slowly appeared on my wife’s face. Looking around me, I spotted: families waving goodbye to each other, refusing to let go; children crying in sorrow; wives dabbing away their tears with their handkerchiefs, trying to hide their emotions from their children; and people slouching miserably. The sound of weeping made my spine shiver, thinking of how in a few minutes, I will have to say goodbye to my beloved family.

Before getting on the train, I stared into my wife’s big, sparkling eyes and tears started filling my own. I turned around to look at my daughter.

“Why are you leaving us?” She questioned as she hugged me tightly.

I wrapped my arms around her, hugging her back. “I have to, but I’ll come back.” I muttered reassuring her. “I promise.” Then I looked back at my wife.

“We’ll miss you.” She sobbed as a tear rolled down her cheek.

I placed my hand on her arm, comforting her. “I’ll miss you too.” I sighed, I stepped back from them and I placed my foot on the train. Heart-broken, I couldn’t bear to look back but I did- I saw the pain and anguish on their faces, and in that moment, I felt instant regret…


I had a menacing journey ahead…
My blood ran cold as chills ran down my spine. Although my heart was breaking, I packed my suitcase quietly: I didn’t want to make this any harder for my wife. Flooding with emotions, anxiety pierced through my brain as memories came to me. Would they realised I wasn’t worthy of their love and forget me? I was determined to take the only opportunity I had….

Petrified, sorrowful, heartbroken- would this journey to the train station be the last with my precious family? Would they be safe once I leave? Fear pulsed through my veins like adrenaline. As quick as possible, we ran through the streets, avoiding the clouds above us. My hands were shaking ; I shivered as my daughter tightly clutched onto my hand for the last time…..

As I walked through the gloomy, melancholy, pitch black station, I heard the loud screech of the rusty, ancient train pass. Thick, black, murky smoke enveloped and covered every inch of the station. People said their last goodbyes to their loved ones. Children screeched and cried – were they even aware of what was happening ? That this was possibly their last goodbye ? This was a very hard choice to make but I hoped that it was the right one. I glared one last time in to my families eyes as they locked their hands onto my waist. Desolate, I got onto the filthy train as tears rolled down my face. Nightmares flooded my head as fear surrounded me :tunnels of different thoughts filled my head. I could sence my wife’s strong perfume swaying around in the air. I could imagine my daughter screeching in terror as the monster laid it’s eyes on it’s new victim my wife and daughter.

A loud, deep voice from behind bellowed “sir tickets. Now!” He exclamed I couldn’t find my words at that points. “I…I am really sorry
Mr, ” My hands were shaking as I handed my ticket: This was know my life ; alone. Hopefully this wouldn’t be forever.


The Arrival
My future relied on this journey, my blood ran cold when I packed my suitcase. My mind flooded with fear whilst my soul was being sucked by anxiety. Emotionless, questions filled my mind. Was my worst nightmare coming true? Would I get to see my daughter grow up? When I walked out the door, the monster loomed over me, filling my mind with questions : was this a good choice? Would I get to see my family again? Desperate, I wanted to stay but I knew I could not. I felt the pain my family was experiencing, how could I leave them.

When my house was out of view I knew it was time, time to leave. The train station came into view ; my wife sobbed whilst my daughter clung onto me. A tear rolled down my daughter’s cheek. Inside, I was crying but on the outside emotionless. I knew I had to be brave for my family. Why was my wife making it harder than it already was? Crowded, the train station was a river of sadness; I was one of them.

Piles of belongings covered the foul , filthy floor. Children and babies screamed: screamed so their families won’t leave. I thought my daughter would be like that soon. I hugged her and told her I loved her ; my wife gave me a hug as I kissed her on the forehead. I wished I didn’t have to leave. Life was hard enough already. I stepped on the train; my darling wife grabbed my hand but I had to let go…

The cries of my wife and daughter replayed like a looped video. Out of nowhere a stanger interrupted my thoughts ” Is this seat spare my friend?”
“Yes it is sir.” As I move I thought I saw my beloved wife; was my mind playing tricks on me? The man who I was sat next to was grimy and unhygienic, his clothes were grimy and filthy. Had they ever been washed? When the train started moving , I had many thoughts; would I ever return. Would my wife and daughter be engulfed by my monster? I wish I never had to leave . Why couldn’t the monster leave instead? The train was crowded, cramped and uncomfortable; why did I have to do this?


The choice I had to make was a difficult and perilous one; the hardest Id ever had to make… Throwing myself out in the dangerous world, I shuddered as I walked promptly through the Isolated streets trying my hardest to avoid yhe thoughts of the over-looming anxiety I felt.

It was hard to leave my beloved wife and child – would they remember who I was? I longed for this to all be a nightmare. Suddenly, my jaw dropped when i
I realised my nightmare was my reality. Would this treacherous demon haunt my family alongside me? Was this journey a good idea?

Gloomy, dull, silent – would I ever return?
As I walked to the train station a dark cloud followed me. The street was pitch – black no one , was to be seen. As I was getting closer, my heart began to beat fast.

Piles upon piles of belongings were perched next to families were they in the same position as me?

Children clung onto their parents, wives latched on to their husbands it was traumatic scene to encounter and be part. paralysed I desperately refuse to move my feet. I love my wife tightly not want us to a go; sadly I will goodbye tears roll down my face. This really was it. would I ever reunite with my family again?
Thoughts flooded me with fear.bWhen all of a sudden a deep voice interrupted my thoughts.
“TICKETS NOW!” shouted the train conducter.
“S-sorry I struggle to get my words out,” I mumbled to the man- does he not know about the horrific, traumatic thoughts?

Flashing back to happy memories, I could smell my wife’s perfume on her the smell of flowers on a sunny morning and my daughter is beautiful laugh echoed in my mind Would I ever experience love again.


The Arrival

Dejected , pressured , mortified – The over-powering, dark thoughts drained over my emotions. I feared the perilous journey heading my destination… It was there, lingering above me , promising to stay there until it drained my dismal soul into hell. I was left with no choice … Letters were posted everyday forcing me to leave my precious family behind, until I would agree to follow the treacherous orders. I glanced past my beloved wife, hesitating. I stared in her lovely, glistening eyes. She could not understand how hard it was for me : all I could do was isolate my emotions.

As the piercing pain lingered above my mind the dismal clouds hovered above me, pouring agonising tears down upon me. My blood ran cold ; I knew it was time… I started packing my belongings: an origami bird, a picture of my family, and a drawing from my daughter. I took one last glance at my house- I knew I wouldn’t be back anytime soon. We finally left and walked through the deserted towns streets, longing to stay. An exhausting, fatal monster stared down at me , but this time, he was hovering above me closer than ever. My mind ran wild. I could feel its haunting chill slither down my neck . I heard its evil laugh, shrunken by his threatening actions… Panic – striken, overwhelmed , apprehensive- The time had come.

As we entered through the murky , thick mist we were there. How wre we there already? My mind froze in fear , unable to comprehend what I saw… The sight was desolate and indescribable: wives crying silent tears; children clutching in desperation, babies screaming, unfamiliar of their surrounding and , the glum petrifying clouds loomed above us. I suddenly locked my feet to the ground , hesitating to move forward. My heart started racing in desperation. I wanted to stay behind with my loving family. Amongst the heart breaking cries , everyone heard a deafening bell ring, informing us to say our goodbyes and head on the train. I could see my daughter’s begging eyes and my wives tearful cries . Immediately, I gave them a hug whilst whispering positive , momentous words telling them that I would never forget them . I took one last gaze of my precious girls and then departed as tears rolled down my cheeks rapidly not knowing when I would see them again. Suddenly ,I was pushed away from them feeling mortified in terror. Just at that moment , a thought flooded in my mind ; were my family safe here, or were they in danger?

Apprehensive and worried sick , I was seated in the most crowded carriage, wondering how much longer I could keep it up. The menacing monster had consumed my loving memories; trying to overpower my feelings. My heart shattered into a million pieces unable to retrieve them back. The nightmare taunted me endlessly, every second of my life, it just wouldn’t leave me alone…
“Are you listening!” A dominating voice drilled into my thoughts.
“S…sorry , sir.” Unable to comprehend, I kept silent unsure of who it was.
“TICKET PLEASE!” Bellowed the condunctor. Paralysed , I struggled as I passed him my ticket.

All of a sudden , the memories flooded back. The love of my life flooded back..


As I packed my bags I remember thinking would my worst nightmare follow me? Panic over loomed … I attempted to mask the tears so my precious daughter would not struggle with the outcome.

When we made it outside, the wave of panic engulfed me. When I looked up my jaw dropped in fear; the monster had followed me. I could not do anything but walk because I was too weak to defeat the monster. As I walked to the train station I felt desperate to find an escape to this torment: I couldn’t even look at my wife without feeling a hole in my heart.

As I arrived at the train station,I felt my body fall in to a void of crippling fear and pain- all I could do was watch my life break and shatter before my eyes. As I looked around, I saw other people fall to the ground in fear as they cried and begged I felt even sadder it was sad to see all of them people in pain.

Sitting alone isolated on the train, flashbacks filled my mind; playing with my precious daughter and smelling my wife’s sweet perfume. All of a sudden, I was interrupted.
“Hello! Tickets! Now!” he bellowed.
“Sorry,” I whispered. “Here.” When the conductor left, I regretted it straight away. I missed my daughter and wife all ready.


I had a peculiar expedition ahead. Puzzled, I headed to the door, thinking about where I was going. Whenever I walked out onto the street there would always be a dark monster in the shadows … Waiting to dig out my soul. Slowly, I tried to escape the monster, but whenever I did, it would always threaten me. Would I ever escape this demon? There were tears running down my cheeks like a waterfall thinking ‘this might be the last time I see them again’.

Horribly, I walked out of the door, leaving my home frozen in fear. Walking down the streets, I started thinking was this my opportunity to escape the beast? Thoughts flooded my brain about how sad I would be when I left my family behind. Sobbing, as I wondered if it was going to be the last time I would see them again.

Once I arrived at the train station the first thing I saw was the thick, misty, gloomy smoke. There were hundreds of families clinging onto the person who was about to leave trying to make them stay. The train looked abandoned , run-down and rotten. There were babies – clueless about what was happening. The clouds started to cry and so did all the wives who cried silent tears trying not to show their emotions to their children. I was thinking in my head; why was I about to leave? I felt mortified:I might never see them again. Tears rolled down my face as I hugged my wife and daughter one last time and jumped on the train even though I didn’t want to.

I was frozen in fear, thinking about my wife and daughter’s laugh. I heard a voice “Hello… did you hear me… I said TICKETS NOW!!! ” It was the ticket lady waiting for me to give my ticket. I stopped daydreaming and replied “S…. sorry,” she was very rude (giving me a dirty look) and had no idea what I was going through or how many demons were floating around my brain. I already felt depressed and miserable, imagining me and my family being reunited. I looked out of the steamy, scruffy windows and saw my family waving me goodbye. I wondered if I would ever be able to see them again.


The Arrival
As I packed my bag, I thought of the treacherous journey ahead of me. Despondent, miserable, down-was this it? I stepped out- with my wife and daughter in my hands- onto the dreary street. The sky was dark and stormy, the grey houses loomed over us. Suddenly, a knot tied in my stomach as the monster crept closer… Bewildered, my mind filled with darkness. I went back to a time when those streets were filled with joy and laughter. When they were filled with colour and sun.

My mind snapped back to reality. Back to the gloomy streets and hollowness. A silent tear rolled down my cheek. So many different thoughts in my head that wouldn’t depart: Who will look after my family? Will I ever come home? How will they survive? How will I survive? No, everything will by fine. Will it? I had to keep telling myself that over and over and over, though deep down I knew it wasn’t true. Hurrying down the street, determined not to show any fear. I guess i thought if I didn’t show any, it would fade away; slowly, but surely. But how wrong I was. My life was like a horror story. Twists and turns. Yet it was real and I was living it.

As we arrived at the train station, the knot did not loosen. It tightened. The sky- full of black, thick smoke. Women, men and children huddled together on the grimy platform; some weeping, some faces filled with joy when greeting their loved ones. Piled on the station floor, trunks, bags and suitcases. The perilous monster was as clear as ever and waiting to over-power me in terror. Utter terror. Once I leave, will this monster leave too? Despite all these thoughts and questions I had to stay strong; Strong for my family. Masked with a smile, I hugged my little girl and gave her a origami bird. I have not forgot that look on her face, a mix of happiness overloaded by fear. I turned to my wife- her face swollen and red from tears- and embraced her. I wiped away her tears and whispered in her ear. I gave them one last kiss. Then reluctantly jumped on the train. One last question swirled into my head, now I have said goodbye to my family, will I ever say hello?

My thoughts moved along like the train, then turned into my daughter’s laugh as we danced through the house. The fragrant aroma of cakes and pies wafted into the halls. All those sweet memories turned bitter. I became hot under my jacket and waistcoat. My head began to spin and my eyes started flickering…
“Hello,” a deep mysterious voice said. I glanced up. Starting with my toes, my body froze. The man- who had woken me from my daydream- had clothes that were ripped. His hair grey and scruffy, his face was grubby and had deep wrinkles engrave in it. He was like an older, more frail version of me.
“You have a dangerous journey ahead of you,” he murmured. I took a long, slow, deep breath.
“Who,” my voice stopped, I tried again,” who are you?
“That’s for you to decide…”
I blinked. When I opened my eyes he was gone. Slumping in my chair, I picked up the perfect portrait of my family and held it close to my heart. Would I ever feel their love again?


I couldn’t live without my wife but I had to leave her and my child . I packed my suitcase ,but this monster followed me and tortured me! My anxiety covered me like a blanket, would it ever stop torturing me?

It followed me down the street , causing my anxiety to go sky high. I was tired of ignoring it ,i was tired of making my family run . How had it come to this ? My hart raced of guilt flooded through my veins. Would the demons leave them when i left?

Would this monster ever stop following me? Would this be the last time I had to leave my wife? The station was full of smoke… people sobbed as they said goodbye to their loved one. Tearfully, I said goodbye to my wife and daughter and did not look back.

Waving at my daughter and wife, I cried as I sat down and I looked outside the window. I fell a sleep and then i heard a voice.
“Hello, can i sit here?”
“Yes you can !” I said .
I was day dreaming about the vicious monster would this always de in my mind?


The journey i has to make was the most treacherous,heartbreacking of all. As I walked, the chills towered over me like dark clouds predicting my fate. Questions over powered my mind like a thick blanket:Why had it come to this?

Isolated, we walked through the miserable streets. I had started to think if there was any way possible to escape my horrifying future. After all these years, were my demonds returning to haunt me? The hairs on the back of my neck stood up;my eyes widened as time stood still.

As we finally arrived at the train station, a dark atmosphere surounded us;muffled cries, children clutching on to their parent’s hands refusing to let go and silent tears rolling down faces. Frozen in fear reccurring thoughts filled my brain and mind. My daughter and wife held on to me with a sorrowful look; how could I leave such a beautiful future behind me? Why did i have to go to a gloomy, lonley, desolate, place? I stepped forword, said goodbye and never looked back again. With the most piercing pain through my mind, I had to make the most disturbing decision of all. tears rolled down my face as I took a deep breath wondering if they would ever write to me. I took. one more step onto this rustey, old train, I shouldn’t have made this decision.

As I sat on the train, unnecessary thoughts filled my mind, I couldn’t stop thinking about the menacing, miserable, mighty beast that loomed over me.
“sir, can you hear me?” shouted an unusual man. He had brown hair, a blue jacket and black trousers.
“I said tickets.” I apologised and quickly handed the tickets over.
“Sorry,” I began. “I was in a daze,” and slumped in my seat.
Why had it come to this upleasant decision?


The Arrival

Down-hearted, desolate, depressed – how did it even begin? As I walked on the perilous streets, (with my beloved, precious wife and my sweetest sunshine) I saw them again. My blood ran cold and I was frozen in fear when I saw how enormous my demons had gotten. Rapidly, they lingered through the lapis sky snd drowned me in terror. My worst nightmare: cold-blooded, terrifying beasts. They came back for me to remind me of my sins, and persuade me to pay my debt by terrorising me. Right there and then, I really wished that I could go back to the joyful, exciting past when everything was better and nothing bad had ever happened yet. These streets were one: cheerful; loud; full of ecstasy…once. Sadly, no one went outside anymore, not for long anyway, not like they used to, however I shall sacrifice myself so that these streets and the whole town would be safe again.

We were nearly at the train station. My hands were shaking and I would have done absolutely anything to stay behind with my family. Crying, my daughter knew that it wasn’t fair. She kicked the little rocks as her face went red. Memories of love and warmth faded away. All I could think of was: are they ever going to forgive me for my careless, unintelligent decision? If I ever retrace my steps, will they still be here, waiting for me? Was I being too cold-hearted? As we reached the train station and saw my wife’s desperate gaze I realised that this would be harder that I thought.

Dark shadows were looming over the crowded, forlorn train station. It was such a depressing sight, so depressing that even the murky clouds started to cry cold tears and the little infants began to screech in bewilderment as the new surroundings were unfamiliar and deafening. Goodbyes snd cries could be heard in every corner of the gloomy station. I looked at my watch. It was time to say my own goodbye. Hugging my wife and daughter, I shed a tear; that was when I gave my sweetest sunshine the alluring origami bird and stepped inside the train, knowing that I would never see her again.

I had just occupied a seat and nightmares began to lurk through my mind. A horrid feeling overwhelmed me. Foolish, I was very foolish to accept this so called mission. Darkness filled my thought and it made me shiver. Nonetheless, I knew it would be a treacherous journey, however as the compact train left the station, I realised that it was more than that. Will I escap-

A loud voice interrupted my daydream: “Ticket pleas’! And make it quick, I don’t hav’ all day,” bellowed the conductor in a voice that was a thunder.

“O-one second” I mumbled and searched for my ticket.

Puzzled, I gave her my ticket (while she was giving me a dirty look) and closed my eyes as merry memories came back to me. I remembered my wife’s golden hair. Golden (and silky) like a sparkly cascade and my daughter – my sweetest sunshine- with her infectious laugh.

Would I ever be that happy ever again?


Although I didn’t know it yet, I had a hazardous journey ahead… I was caught by fear and pulled down by anxiety. Traumatised, horrified, mortified/ was my journey ahead worth it? Emotions rushed to my head until my wife placed her smooth hand ontop of mine whilst I packed my luggage. My heart shattered into a thousand of pieces. Puzzled, my daughter queried the suitcase that I mistakenly left in her view. Suddenly anxiety flooded through my veins as we walked out of the door.

I knew it, I knew that something was following me; a presence. Too frightened to look up, I held my breath promptly and quickly racing through the streets. Would we make it to the station safely? Determined, I cluntched onto my daughter’s hand and hoped the darkness would not consume us.

As we entered the station, all I could see was: heartsbreaking everywhere: children screeching, men leaving and wives quietly wimpering. Above, the weather petrified me … Thick, black smoke covered every inch of the sky. Horrified, I looked at the ground, hoping my daughter would not look up and notice. It was my time to leave, just then I thought was it too late to look back as I hugged my family goodbye, I stepped onto the train.

Whilst I was waiting to give my ticket memories and thoughts came flooding into my head. I heard my daughter’s laugh ringing in my ears and my wife’s perfume up my nose. Just as I was about to look back for the last time I was rudely interrupted by the thicket man “Hello sir did you not here me I said ticket NOW!!!” bellowed the man. Frightendly I began to stutter “s…s…sorry h…here it is,” I went to find a seat but all was full until I came across this old pale man with a munky, white shirt that looked like it had not been washed. “Exscuse me sir may I sit down!” I muttered under my breath. Able to understand, the man said “Ofcoures, are you alright?” not hearing him I just carried visioning my family. Was this best for my family or only me? Now I am sat here heart-broken wondering if this was the right decision?

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