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1. In Spring
2. February and March
3. The name Holi comes from Holika, the sister of the demon king, Hiranyakashyap.
4. The first is called Holika Dahan and the second is Rangwali Holi.
5. Buran a mano, Holi hai.
6. On the first day of the Festival, a public bonfire is lit to celebrate the burning of Holika rather than Prahlad.
7. Diwali festival of colours, Berlin, is an electronic music festival, combining DJs from around the world with the colourful powder paint of Holi.
8. I would like the bonfire and the coloured powders. (Although I think it would be hard to get the powders off).


2. The month that it is set in is March. 3. A colourful hindu festival. 4. Holika Dahan and Rangwali Holi. 5.Buran a mona,holi hai.6. People threw colours at each other and it could be at anyone at anytime. 7.India in India you can do a lot of events and is fun. 8. I would most enjoy throwing colours and the best part is you can do it to anyone and wont evenget told off.


3.It is named after the girl Holica
4. They are called Holika and Prahlada
5. They have colour sand and a fire
7. India has Holi
8. How there is a lot of colour.


See picture


(1) Holi is welcoming the spring season.
(2) The month Holi usualy lands on is Febuary or March.
(3) Holi is named Holi because it has been named after Holika.
(4) The first day of Holi is called Holika Dahan and the second day is called Rangwali Holi.
(5) The phrase is Buran a mano , Holi hai.
(6) On the first day they light a fire between 10pm and midnight and on the second day they throw coloured paints at each other and there are no rules apart from dont throw it in anyones eyes.
(7) They celebrate Holi in different places like Nepal in Nepal they celebrate it on the same day there as the Indean Holi manynof the same activiteys as they do in indea with a focus on traditional concerts being held in most cities.
(8) I would most engoy the fire being lit if i celebrated the festival.


1 spring
2 march-febuary
3 Its after holica a girl
4 The days are called the hindu festival and festival of light
5 The phrase that they say is Buran a mana holihuai
6 In the evening the public stars the bonfire they get wod and the bonfire stars a 10pm
7 Germany they do a music festival and a colour festival
8 I would engoy the bonfire


Spring Mdahanburanarch
and aprill because it is a holy season rangway holi holika a mano, holi hai collect waste fiod throw paint (powder) sing,dance and have fun indiapreying throwing the paint


1. Spring
2. Between February and March
3. It came from the name Holika
4. The first is Holika Dahan and the second is Rangwali Holi
5. Buran a mano, Holi hai
6. Hindu boys collect waste wood for the fire.
7. In Germany they do electronic music festivals, combining dj’s from all around the world.
8. Throwing the coloured dust.


3. Because after the girl died
8. The lights


1. Spring
2. Febuary and March
3. It is called Holi because it is dark
4.Rangwali holi and Holika dahan
5. Buran a mano,holi hai
6. A bonfire is lit on the first day and on the second day they stars to throw coulors India they relax and throw coulors also set a bonfire and throw food in it
8.throwing the coulors at each other and relaxing


2. Feb and march
4. It is the festible of collor and light


1. It is set in spring

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