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1 night time
2 fast during radman is the fourth pillar of islam
3 five
4 a book what people what try to memorising it


1.They do Radaman on the 9th month and its last until october
3. Five
4.The Quran is a book that the Muslims try to read every Ramadan the whole book it is big
5.Fasting is a festval that they do every year that they can not eat for a day then they can eat on the afternoon

Joseph lee

1:The 9the month
2:Five pillary


1. Thet feast night at 10:00pm



1.Muslims fast between sunrise and sunset.
2.Qu ran


1. The nineteenth month.
2. Qu ‘ ran
3. Five
4. The Qu ‘ ran is a book that Muzlims read every time they pray, they also try to read the whole book in the time of


1. 9 month
2. The fourth pillar
3.five pillars
4.the quarn is a holy book of islam is when you stop eating for a month (you are only allowed to eat when it is dark ) is important for them because it is a sign of disapline and generosity
7.I think no because I am not strong to manage
8.they belive that good actions will bring a good reward in the month


Fasting is were muslims cant eat when the sun is up and people under ten cant eat because there bodys are still growing


1.The ninth month of the islamic calander.
2.Ramadan is the fourth pillar of islam.
3.There are five.
4.The Qur’an is the holy book of islam.
5.Fasting is where you dont eat or drink for a time period.
6.Fasting is important to a muslim because they believe that it will make them a better person and cleanse their sins
7.No, I like food.
8.that they should stop bad habits during Ramadan and that it is easier to do good during Ramadan


Ninth month
The five pillars
The holy book of islam
Where you dont eat for until sunset
To show religoun
No because id break the rules not even after a second
Fasting and gods


1. In the ninth month of the Islamic calender.
2. The fourth of Islam.
3. Thier are 5 pillars of Islam.
4. The holy book of Islam.
5. Fasting is you can not eat or drink at daylight hours.
6. It is a sign of self-discipline.
7. I don’t think i could fast because i would probably fus about being hungry or thirsty. Also, did you know they fast for almost one year!
8. It is easierto do good during Ramadan and doing good gives you better resultsmand gifts during Ramadan.


1.on the ninth month 2.the 4 pillars 3. 5 pilliars 4. It is the loly book of islam 5.fasting means not wating food or drink duringdaylight 6.fasting is important to Muslims as a sign of self defence 7.they wash their feet and hands and face in mosk 8. Muslims belive in holy and gods

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