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1.Sunrise and sunset .
2.forth pillar .
3. 5
4. A book.
5.when you don’t eat in the day but eat when its dark


1. When do muslims fast for Ramadan.
Sunrise and sunset.

2. What pillar of faith is Ramadan?
The 4th.


1. The ninth month on the islamic calendar
2. Ramadan is the fourth islamic pillar
3. There are five pillars of faith
4. It is the holy muslim book where all the rules are
5. Fasting is where you dont eat in sunlight hours for an islamic month
6. It gives time to be 100% muslim and spend time with god
7. No because im so used to delicious food but it would be a nice challenge
8. They believe in god and islamic calendars


1.the 9 th month on the Islamic calander that they celebrate
2.the pillar of Ramadan is the 4 pillar of all of them.
3. I think there are 5 pillars.
4.the Qur’an is a special book.
5. Fasting is a thing where u can’t eat for a month. (Only at night)
6. To be 100% muslim.
7. No, i cant fast i start feeling ill. pray to god and to not eat in the day during a islam festival.


1 in the daylight
2 the 4th
3 there are 5 pillars of faith
4 it is the special book to muslims
5 it is when you wait to eat until the sun goes down
6 because it is a sign of discipline
7 no because i am not good at waiting for food
8 1. They should give up bad habits at ramadan
2. That it is easier to do good at ramadan


1.the 9th month
2.the fourth
3. Its five
4 the holy book of islam
5 where you dont eat for 30 days but eat at night
6 because there are people that don’t have food so they do it to raise money
7 no because only people over 10 can do it
8 that it is easier to do good during rama and that they should try to give up bad habits


1. During sunlight hours
2. The 4th one
3. There are five
4. The holy book that they study and try to memorise it
5. It is when you don’t eat for an amount of time
6. It is a sign of self discipline.
7. Yes because I fast a lot as a christian.
8. Things are easier in ramadan
You will become better by reading the Qur’an.


1. During daylight.
2. The one that says you must carry something out in order to have a good life.
3.there are 5 pillars of faith.
4. Quran is the holy book of Islam.
5. Fasting is where you can only eat when it is dark.
6. Fasting is important to muslims because they know what it is like to have no food.
7. I think I would be able to fast because I do not eat that much.
8. That god is real and giving up in food.


1.Sunrise and sunset
4.Quran is the holy book of Islam
5.Fasting means not to eat in daylight hours
6.Fasting is important to Muslims as a sign of discipline and genorosity.
7. I think no because I will want to drink water.
8.That they will become better Muslims by praying more and reading the quran.2.that it is easier to do good during Ramadan.


The 9th month
The 4th
A book
Were you don’t eat for nearly a month
To feel how people who don’t have enough money to by food.
No because if it is summer ill have to eat at 9 o’clock and the get up really aurally.
The believe if the do it they get closer to god and they believe god will be happier with them.


1. a month
2. 4th
3. 5
4. there holy book
5. were you can not eat during day light
6. because they recognise people who do not have anything and to worship god
7. no because I would feel ill after woulds
8. fasting can help them understand people who are not helped

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