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1. The ninth month of the Islamic calendar from sunrise and sunset.
2. The forth pillar.
3. Five pillars.
4. The Qur’an is a sacred book to the Muslims like the Holy Bible and it has a book stand.
5. Fasting is when you do not eat from a certain time until another certain time, Muslims do it from sunrise to sunset.
6. It is important to them because it shows self-discipline and generosity. They also do it to think about others who do not have food like us.
7. I think I could not fast because I am always hungry for food.
8. Muslims believe in God and Allah.


1.The ninth month of the islam calendar
4.a holy book that muslims read is were you don’t eat for 1 month during the day
6. Because they think about the poor people and how they don’t have any food
7.i don’t think I could fast because my stomach is almost always hungry
8. They beleive that there good actions bring greater rewards and that in ramadan life is easier


1. befor sunrise and after sunset
2. it is the fourth pillar
3. There is five pillars
4. The Quran is a book where all the prays are
5. Fasting is where you don’t eat when it is light outside and it goes on for a hole month
6. Because it shows respect
7. I would be able to fast because i don’t eat a lot
8. They believe in god and fasting


2. The 4th pillar
3. 5 pillars
4. There are surahs in the Qu’ran for prayers
5. You don’t eat for daylight for a month
6. To get self control
7. Yes i can
8. I belive that ramdan and mecca


.1 november
.2 the quran
.4a special book
.5 fasting is a time for muslims
.6to respect god
.7no because it would be really hard and i could resist eating.
.8 in different gods and not our god


1.Muslins feast at night.
2Is the forth pillar.
3.There are 5 pillars.
4.Is a special book that they are trying to finish it in a month.
5Fasting is a festival wich you don’t eat for one month but just at night.
6.Because it shows god respest.
7.I don’t think i can do it beca7se you don’t have to drink or food and muslins many of hem are kind and generos.
8.It believes in god and his relegion.


1. The ninth month of the islamic calendar
2. It is the fourth pillar out of five
3. 5
4. It is the special book for muslims
5. When you don’t eat during day light
6. Fasting is a sign of self discipline
7. No because it only takes a few hours for me to be starving
8. That it is easier to do good during Ramadan that they will become better muslims.


1. The nine day on the calendar.
2. 4 pillar.
3. 5 pillars.
4. The Quran is a book that in a lifetime for a muslim they read it all.
5. Fasting is when you dont eat or drink for a month.
6. Fasting is a sign of self discipline.
7. I think i could fast because i am a muslim and i have done half day
fasting before but its hard.
8. A muslim believes the god Allah and the Quran.


1. Before sun rise and after sun set.
2. Fasting.
3. There are 5pillars of faith.
4. It is a book what every what they read and it is in different language.
5. It is were you don’t eat in the daylight.
6.fasting is important for muslims because that is the time to be the best you and get closer with gods.
7.i don’t think i could fast because i am not a Muslims and i get hungry all the time.
8. They might believe in god and Jesus.


1 november.
2 the five pilars.
3 5
5 were your not alawed to eat or drink for a month.
6 becase some poeple cant eat thats why.
7 no becase I get hungry allot and when you do zakat is when you give money.
8 that they bellive in god


1.Every year
2.five pillar
4.a book
5.a food festal
6.because it is a festival because i am not a muslim


1.fasting starts at the ninth month on the islamic calendar.
2.ramadan is the fourth pillar of islam.
3.There are five pillars of faith in Islam
4.the Qur,an is a special book that they read in the mosque.
5.fasting is where they do not eat through daytime but they can eat a night
6.Fasting is important to muslims because it is a sign of self-discipline.
7.i think it is nice that muslims are fasting because it shows respect to those that do not have much food but i do not think i could also i am too young
8.muslims beleive that they will become better muslims by praying more and reading the Quran they also believe that they should try give up bad habits during ramadan also that it is easier to do good during ramadan.


1.They fast on the ninth month of their calender.
2.its the fourth pillar of islam
3.there are five pillars in islam
4.its a special book that they read in the mosque. is when muslims stop eating at daylight for a month and think about praying.
6.fasting is important because they think about their god a lot and pray.
7.i think i could fast because i know it might help some children.
8. Muslims belief in their god because they show by fasting.


1.before sun rises and after the sun set.
4.its a book what every one wants to read and know the different language. cant eat unless its dark for a month.
6.because that is there religion so they have to do it.
7.i think i could because i never eat and i only eat at night and thats one of the rules eat at night not daylight.
8.they believe in god and jesus.


In november.


1: Muslims celebrate Ramadan in the ninth month of the Islamic calendar.

2: Fasting

3: There are five pillars of faith.

4: Qur’an is some sort of bible.

5: Fasting means not eating during the day time.

6: Fasting is important for Muslims because that is the time to be the best you and get closer with god.

7: I think I could fast because I don’t eat a lot, but I can’t fast because I am not Muslim.

8: A muslim believes that:

Is easy to do good on Ramadan;

That they should try to give up all bad habits on Ramadan

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