Reading for pleasure



I dont think that you know about these books Miss Creamer but the creator of these books that im going to type in a second are from the author Tom Angleberger and the books are Darth paper strikes. Art2 D2s guiding to folding and doodling. The secret fortune of wookie. The suprise attaCK of jabba the puppet. Princes label to the rescue and Emperor pickeling rides the bus these are funny books i reccomend them we read a book called the strange case of origami yoda and everbody laughed so please think about these books.

Miss Creamer

I’ll see what I can do Gabriel! 🙂

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Miss Creamer

Year 6 Teacher

My name is Miss Creamer, this is my first year at WCPS and my first year of teaching! I have just finished my PGCE at university. I prefer chatty classrooms to quiet ones, I love to read and also love to challenge myself and learn new things- I have just started lessons to learn sign language!