The sirens begin. Everyone running, planes swarming around seeing the planes go through grey clouds water dripping past me. The screaming noises watch out! Run! Children squealing. Calm music playing, bulding collapsing. Bombs coming down like meteorite people cramped in shelter, knowing that you could die this night sirens going off my ears ringing things shattered building. People crying moaning the clouds getting darker people running from under ground my spine tingling, smelling the predator coming closer.

I cant remember the last time I saw my parents we ran different ways with the bomb. My house was destroyed like dust. I found a underground place I flashed down there.


The Blitz 1941 January 7th

Sirens. They send shivers down my spine. Run.I can hear airplanes soaring over my head while I’m running towards the shelter. When I get in I see that there are hundreds of people lying on the floor. When I eventually find a place to sleep, a deafening explosion came from around a mile away. The whole underground shook. Waves of emotions come over me: shock,fear,terror.
I didn’t know what to do.
We stayed there for a few more days. Some people came down and played on the violin or on the guitar. They tried so hard ,but it wasn’t enough. After a few hours the next day,I sank into a deep depression. As I looked around ,many people were singing and dancing.

sorry i couldn’t finish it


I can see flemes going up in to the gloomy grey sky i can hear pildens crashing dawn a tawn.


I was in may 20s when I hud a alarm. We put in a underground plus I hud a boom boom boom so many bombs. I was worried I was gona die but I stopped worrying


I was suddenly awaken by the sirens! I went to the tracks to see if there was a train there was an no train so I try and go back to sleep. Then came the ear splitting BANG…


The blitz 1940
The sirens begin .
The blue colour reminded me of grey clouds like a thunderstorm.
The way the colour moved and made me think of a predator stalking its pray. Silently tiptoeing towards it, before it goes for the kill.

The clouds look darker now. They are bigger more menacing .
Pushed up and heavy with the rain,… THEY ARE COMING


The sirens rang I thought well I’m here now The Germans bombs dropping, exploding it was like a surprise mustard gas or shrapnel. I saw women with their children in their arms run into the underground the deafening bombs silenced when they were overcome by the relaxing music it was we’ll meet again. I forgot that we were being bombed I was pulled back to reality on the music has stopped the bombing had stopped too.


The school got a massive fire. It smells weird and how much kids died in the school.? The sounds like a siren of bombs came. Tye building coming down. Feeling sad and super scared all the parent sad the bombs sounds huge sound it is all of bombs. The sky was blue but when then siren came it turn into a black. It make my body throw up. All the siren break all the building breaking everywhere siren broke the school to broken glasses and huge smoke everywhere burn.


The Blitz 1940
I can hear planes flying by and sirens as loud as they could be. The sound of the music trying to comfort us all. Suddenly, all I could hear was bombing. Bang! It sounded like an extreme bonfire night night. Suddenly, it all fell quiet I couldn’t hear a thing. Then huge explosions, explosions that make the floor shake. Toxic smoke fills the air. The smell of burnt porridge. I can also smell the smell of oil from the tracks. There goes another bomb it made me jump out of my skin. I can also smell delicious food it smells amazing.

I feel hungry because I haven’t eaten in days. I have butterflies in my stomach. I really miss home I bet it’s destroyed by now. I hope my dad is still alive because he is in the war. I miss him. I have knots in my stomach because i am worried. Thos could be the last couple of minutes of my life. I think of my warm sweet home. Some people playing guitars and and violins it was sleep.

Then it all suddenly fell quiet. I think its over for tonight. I hope one day this will be over. All I can hear is fire crackling. I think its over now.


The singing from the radio mightn’t be relaxing but it was no distraction from the droning noise of the sirens and defining bombs but you could have still heard the constant screams of the war,but wait,the screams they had stoped,could it be over,but no it had only just begun…

As the barrage of bombs and gunfire start they leave behind a terrible stench of smoke and dust.As I sniff some moreI smell soup and sandwiches being made and suddenly the smoke was gone and I realised how great it was down here but it had to end it just had to.


It is 1940 , the war is on. The one moment where everything is silent, everybody is relaxed, until a loud screeching sound hits our ears and it’s the airade alarm.The silence stops and instantly everybody starts to panic. Then suddenly CRASH! An awful crumble noise hits the surface.The air warden shouts”Don’t panic get down!”He runs to the top. The deafening sound of the alarm hits again, soon we hear a man’s scream for help and CRASH! The rumble noise reacts again.It is 1940, the war is on. The on moment where everything is silent, everyone is relaxed.


The sirens start. The planes grew louder. We ran and ran for the underground bombs plummeted to the floor people, families, even children were nearly bombed off course. The raid had started.

Everyone was in the underground well almost everyone. The smell of bombs and fire was everywhere small rocks fell from the roof. All of us were scared not even scared but terrified. The mumbles were drown out by bombs exploding on the floor like glass. “When will it end?” some people whispered but others were still wearing their gas mask.

I sniffed in I smelt bacon, tomato soup, jam sandwich, but also fire and smoke. Next I heard a spine-tingling scream a Mother had lost her child but the only thing she had of him/her was a teddy bear called Tim it was a scruffy little bear but it was a memory.

Finally the silence began we ran out cautiously. We were out! Happy but scared at the same time. Bang! A final bomb fell on our home. My heart dropped everything went quiet all i could hear was the fire crackling.


The Blitz 1942

The Blitz begins. Bombs fall, houses collapse, sirens ring, everything is chaos. Children clutch onto their teddy bears in fear, people go to sleep in terror wondering if they will ever wake up again. Planes soar across the sky, louder and louder they grow like millions of wasps swarming in the sky ready to zap you at any time. Down in the underground of London, music plays, lights flicker, children cry in despair then everything is silent. The smells of soup fill the air, just one sip for everyone. Minutes after, rumbling fills the air, children start to panic, adult trying to cheer people up by saying that its just coming from there stomachs, and then… Bang! Crash! Thud! Gas fills the air, gas masks being thrown to people around the room. Smoke rises from the ground, people choke, the sounds of rumbling starts to grow dimmer and dimmer as the smoke and gas both fade away.
Back above, the sounds of planes gradually disappear and everything, which was a big city, had gone. Everything was nothing.


The Blitz
The sirens began.I can hear bombs dropping down from airplanes, buildings crashing down. I can see lights flicking on, off, on ,off and back on again, the tiles braking and crashing to the floor. People were singing cheerful toons to lift there spirts. I feel my spirt been lifted but at the sam time i am heartbroken because I lost my husband in world war one.


The blitz 1940-1941
Once again, the deafening sounds of gun shots air raids sirens and bombs dropping from the bleeding sky and blood drops falling down. Then the ground all of a sudden shook and sudden silence came. Then the sirens came back and bombs started dropping again people was sleeping on the tracks and on the concreat one child


The sirens had begun once again. It was the 32cnd consecutive night of bombs dropping down on London. Then it started to rain, rain bombs. People slept underground to avoid this tragedy, they left their beloved homes and slept on the hard, cold ground. The lights flickered and we were plunged into darkness, the ground shook and everybody in the tunnel got a shocking chill down there spine. Silence begun as we had a couple of minutes to catch up on well-needed sleep.

Bombs came down like pennies from a jar, Buildings crumbled like they were made of fragile, thin glass. Will this suffering nightmare ever end? Will we be living in fear forever? Why did Hitler declare war again? If the Germans were on our side, if Hitler was a good man, if he had never armed Germany for war, then a lot of lives would have been saved. Beloved items, people and places had been lost in War. The dusk soon became the killer. Your life in the hands of fate. Parents held their child’s hand crushing their bones inside.


Silence. Then it starts.BOMBS dropping like pennies from a jar. As the world opens up a spine-chilling war starts… Is this a nightmare? Will this ever end? Then it start to rain. Furious drops of water that fling themselves out of the sky. Gunshots exploded like fireworks. Some people go in airrades instead of the underground what they do is they put soil around the airrade so the Germans wont think they are in their. If the Germans diddnt start the war,if the Germans liked us,if the Germans diddnt come to London,we would have no world war 2. Why did this have to start? The food is shared and all what you get is bread with no butter. Pls let the war stop pls!


Once again the eary torture of the air raid siren came echoing all around the shelter. Gunshots exploded like fireworks all around us like pennies dropping in a jar. Bombs fell and so did all the houses as you could hear the torture of there homes crashing to the floor hoping that they were dreaming and wishing that they were. The world shuck us all to the floor with a big bang. As bombs dropped and making the whole earth shake peoples screeching and crying counting the time until its over and until they could get re-united with there family. The shelter was tiny as people rushing in with blankets and pillows,the eachos of the bombs vabrated the shelter,people screaming and alarming people to run and get to the shelter as fast as possible. Sometime later the shelter was packed, you could not ever fit a blanket in. The worst was people dying by getting pushed onto the train track and a train pasing by at super sonic speed killing people. 45 nights left people were snoring extremely loud and twisting and turning. People got shuck by bombs landing 10 per minute but people just got used to it.


The scary sirens began.slowly and slowly they grew louder and louder.the smoke spread like the Black Plague and the glows of muddy orange smoke blinded soldier’s. there fearless,deadly,murderous there the germans! the bombs fell like pennies in a jar also there was explosions, explosions that shattered the earth. the under-ground was devastating and horrifying like horrible gases all the people had to sleep On the tracks because the payment was full it is so uncomfortable. i hope this nightmare goes away. WILL THE WAR END ?


The london blitz 1942
The sirens began, whilst the darkness fell the dust became the killer. Whilst everyone was in the bomb shelter, the germans attack. Terror rained down on London. Explosions fell like pennies from a jar. When the second siren goes off everyone crawled out of the bomb shelter like rats coming out the sewers. That continuously happend everyday for 54 night and days. It was a living hell. Everyone had to live off what they had, so no5 a lot. The food they had was caned and dried up food. Most people lost someone that they loved. So thats life now, what life like for you?


The blitz 1942
Suddenly the eerie sound of the sirens get louder and louder. Darkness grew over the city. In the sky terrors swarm around London and then… SILENCE! Suddenly bombs come flying down like meteors demolishing every building in their path creating a muddy pitch black cloud over London. Another bomb dropped BOOM!!! Then explosions started explosions that shattered buildings in an instance. Will this terrifying nightmare ever end? The bombs exploded like fireworks around the city. The sound of ak47s were head splitting. People were rushing into the underground anxiously with their families. Fearfully mothers crushing their children’s bones. People were racing to grab their gas masks because of the toxic gases. The germans were hungry for glory.


The Blitz, 1940

It has begun. Sirens ringing bombs dropping and people screaming. As people run to the railway station, buildings flash before peoples eyes as puffs of smoke appear from different buildings.

Silence. The planes leave quietly, but have left a trail of destruction in minutes. Disgusting, horrendous smells fill the once fresh, clean air. Questions trail through peoples minds- will the world be normal ever again.

Cries fill the air as they reflect on loved ones, their homes and possession . It was time to sleep in the air raid shelter- or at least try to. The ice, cold, uncomfortable floor was even colder with feelings of fear and sickness.


The Blitz, 1942
The sound of sirens started.As quick as a flash a bomb dropped the ground shook as an angry bull.You could feel the shaking ground.The buildings crumbled to pieces like a fragile cookie.WOOSH…SMASH!

The echoing noise got louder and louder of the hollow destroyed collapsing buildings (which were once called homes).The grey and black smoke raised in the air flying away.The smell would be like burned wood.The parents were as desperate as a starving rabbit.The children were screaming as loud as a lions roar.Finally it stops.People come out.Will they find their homes?Imagine how much damage that caused.People couldn’t taste anything because their mouths were as dry as a desert.People carefully checked if everyone is fine…


The alarms began.Happiness evaporated and filled with dread.It was the worst day anyone could have imagined,and this continued for weeks.Darkness wrapped around every inch of the city.Screams, cries and tears flooded the air-when was this going to end?At last it stopped it slowly started and stoped.The rumbles got louder. Suddenly, they was a swamp off airplanes surrounding the building they couldn’t see much because of the blackouts.Huge, explosions started it rumbled London to bits!


The Blitz 1942
It began to get louder and louder. Everyone was screaming and running around for the exit in the train station. People fell on to the tracks, sleeping on the cold, hard floor . The people of Britaui feared for their lives of bombs dropped with a thudding impact


Shivers and cries fill the air as the sirens begin.Louder and louder bombs plummeted from the sky let me in please let me in. A woman screams outside the air raid shelter as bombs drop like pennies in a jar. A horrible smell fills the air. And troops marching to the tanks destroying our country and planes in the air seeing family die in front of our eyes asking god to help us. Will we die or survive. Thinking what will happen. Touching our last tin of food will we starve. Trying to survive we hope they dont kill us.


The blitz 1942
It all began with the sirens bleeding our ears, the luftwaf started dropping the bombs horrifically killing our loved ones and homes. People were evacuated to; air raid shelters and thier backyard , people had to sleep on rails in the subway piled on top of each other. When the children went to school children were petrified , desolate,they had to wear gas masks. Now it’s been the 45th night of the bombing. Could we survive anymore? I could taste the dust killing my tastebuds… It is very hard to survive.. As soon as the Nazis left the citizens from the shelters they realised their houses were left in destruction. Everthing was in destruction. The children were in devastation they had to sleep in the shelters for 57 consecutive nights , and now they have lost their homes . The blitz was horrible…


Loud sirens pierce through the dark night sky. Planes zoom in the terrifying; gloomy sky. All of a sudden, the ground shakes like someone has picked up the Earth violently.

The brimming underground was full of unfortunate people who could not afford the luxury air raid shelter. Mothers ponder on the thought; ” what happens if this was to happen while our children are at school?”

Thoughts linger through peoples minds as the devastation of the burning destructive city collapsed up above. The surroundings of London city was covered in a grey, thick mist. The scenes of gloominess reflected the sights of the soldiers on the front line.


The Blitz, 1942

Horrific sounds start everywhere. The sirens. Underground- the smell of gas is not as strong as it is up there. People are crying. Some of them are not. They are probably used to this. Screams and loud, peculiar sounds come from the surface.
After a little bit of silence, when you thought that the outside is safe again, the sounds of bombs falling and exploding starts once more, louder than ever. The ground vibrates. More screams, then a huge BOOM and BANG as an enormous bomb falls down. A poisonous, gas smell takes over. If anything, it smells like death. The sight of darkness terrifies everyone when a bomb fell and the lights go off. There’s nothing left to do, but to wait…

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