Tuesday Home Learning

Good morning.

Today we are going to do some number activities.

Activity 1

Think about counting forwards and backwards from 1-10!

How many different ways can you do this? Could you whisper the numbers? Could you stomp your feet as you count? Be creative!

Could you challenge yourself to place the numbers in the correct order onto a number line? Are there any numbers missing? What are they?

Activity 2

Go on a scavenger hunt outside. How many of each mini beast can you find?

Play the ladybird maths game below matching the spots on the ladybirds to the numbers.


Have a good day 🙂




Joshua counted from 1 to 10 and 10 to 1 using fruit and pieces of lego. He also pretended to be a rocket counting down to blast off. We played the bug game together l, Joshua tried counting matching and sorting up to 10

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