I found drawing a map most useful and I will draw mor in the future a


Hollie-How to draw a Map Erin- How to find not real names easily by putting two words together.


I found learning how to draw maps and how to think of story ideas helpful.

brook and phoebe

The map helpped us the most because now we know what to put in our storys.


Ive learnt how to draw a map

Archie and Jack

How to think of names for places on a map.


Haw to draw the map


I found drawing maps is useful for writing stories, if you are stuck but want to write.


I learnt how to make a world map

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Miss Kershaw

Year 6 Teacher

Hi! I'm Miss Kershaw and I'm fairly new to WCPS, I've just completed my first year. Some of my favourite things include reading, watching movies, and all things superhero. I appreciate cheesy jokes and random facts. At home, I have two cats called Loki and Parker - can you guess where I got the names from?