F2 weekly overview

This week we suspect we might meet another big bad wolf as we go into the forest with little red riding hood. The children are hooked on exploring traditional tales and those with a twist. This week we will be building on our story retelling skills, especially focusing on what comes at the beginning middle and end of a story. 

In maths we will continue to use the whole part part model to explore number totals. So much of of our maths is explored in provision and we’ve noticed lots of mathematical language whilst the children are playing E. G last week playing games and talking about who had scored the most or least.

In phonics we are coming to the end of our phase 3 sounds and look forward to welcoming parents to our phonics workshop on Wednesday at 9 am or 3pm.

As always we follow your children’s interests and use these as a springboard for learning. Last week there was lots of talk about robots and machines so we are setting up a tinkering station in class for the children to explore how things work. The children have also been noticing changes in the weather and changes to growth in the forest so this week we will help them plant their own seed so they can track it’s growth.

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Mrs Green

Foundation 2 Teacher

I'm Mrs Green and I joined WCPS in September 2019. I am passionate about Early years and can usually be found on the floor with our super 5 and 6 year olds. When I'm not at school I'll be with my children and dog on a muddy walk.