Fractions, Decimals and Percentages – EQUIVALENTS



if you do 1dp that means you drop your decimal point.

Mckenzie and Asa

That you always have to divide by a hundred
That you have to have the bottom the same.
Always line you decimal points up
Divide hundred by a decimal like 30/100 in to a 0.30 or 0.3


on fractions they are always out of a hundred like 70/100

Heidi Layla

1/2 is the same as a 50% and 0.50
1/10 is the same as 10% and 0.10
1/4 is the same as 25% and 0.25
3/4 is the same as 75% and 0.75


you have to make it out of 100


A 1/2 is the sames a 50%

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