I respect my mum today.


1.going to church
2.going to schol
3.having food
4.having clothing
5.having a computer
6.having water
7.having a sister
8.having shoes
9.celebrating holidays
10.having a scooter


I said how as your day been.


Today in class we was playing TTRockstars and Daniel moved up to Support act so i congratulated him and i was really proud of him! Well done daniel 🙂


I have said nice things around school and home and helped my mum and dad work.


Today with my literacy class, we got number 13 so i went around the playground and picked up 4 pieces of litter. I also at home wrote a list of 10 things i am grateful for.


I did number 11


I did it!!!


I did number 22.

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I'm Mrs Paddock, I've not been here long but can I tell you something it is one of my favourite places to be! I love being part of the exciting learning journey at WCPS and spending my days with the amazing staff, pupils and families. When I'm not at work I'm looking after my crazy children, Billy who is 10 and Lottie who is 4.