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1. Sping
2. February and March
3. Because the girl Holica
4. Holica Dahna and Rangwalli Holi
5. Burna a mano, Holiah hai.
6. On the first day, a public fire is lit to celebrate the death of Holica. On the second day, this is where the color bombs come in place.
7. South Amerca
In south america Holi has been around for over nineteen centuarys ago and they also have an unique carrabean feel to it.
8. I would enjoy throwing paint and spreading love accros my family and friends.


2.Febuary and March
3.The sister of the demon king
4.Buran a mano
Holi hai
5.Rangwali Holi
6.On each day the people go around throwing diffrent coulered powder at each over even if you dont know them.
Held anuallly in the German capital,Berlin, is a modern take on the traditional Hindu festival.


5.buran a mano holi hai the first day there are bonfires and on the second day they come together to burn thee first crops india they get paint powder and through it at each other
8.throughing paint powder at each other


1. Spring
2. March
3. It is called holi because the demonds king sister dided in flames
4. Holikia dahan and rangwali holi
5. Buran a mano holi hai
6. They have a bomfire
7. Indians they have bomfires and they throw coulors at each over and thay also throw food in the bombfire to thank god and to give him something back
8. The coulor fight


Peopel sing danceand have fun together, no matter who they are.
Some peopel carry water guns and water balloons filled whith collars waer ready for a water fight.
Everyone chase each over and frow pouder and water collers plus they have water guns. 1,spring 7′ girmny is the capital berlin is modern 8′ the water collars


Its in spring.
Its in In Febuary or March.
Its named holi because holi/holika got burnt on a fier.
Its called Holika Dahan and Rangwali Holi
Buran a mano,Holi hai
They throw colers at each other and colerd water at people.
Germany held an annually in the capital of germany burlin.
My favourite festival is the couler one were they throw coulers at people.


2.March and Feburary
3. Because of Holika the evil kings sister
4.Its called Holika Dahan and Rangwali Holi.
5.Buran a mano, Holi hai
6.They Do a bonfire and throw colours
8.I like the colours


2.febury and march
3. It is called holi because of the evil kings sister holika
4. Holika dahan and rangwali holi


1. Spring.
2. In Between Febuary and March.
3. Because it was based of Holika.
4. Hoika Dahan and Rangwali Holi.
5. “Buran a mano, Holi hai.
6. On the first day at around 10pm to midnight, you would set a bombfire and on the second you throw coloured powder or water at people without getting in trouble.
7. In Germany, Europe, they would dance to music DJ’s from all over the world would and Holi powder.
8. I would enjoy throwing colours at people and getting people to join in.


1 spring,2 in between febuary and march,3 it is named holika,4 holika dahoan and the second is rangwalli holi,5 they say buran a mona holi hai,6 they throw coulered water at each other,7 in german capital berlin they do a music festival with djs,8 i would throw coulered water at people


2.February and march
3.The name Holi comes from the sister of the demon king, Holika
4. Holika Dahan, Rangwali Holi
5.Buran a mano, holi hai
6. A bonfire is lit at 10 p.m
People throw coloured powder, coloured water, and sing, dance, and have fun
7.Nepal, Asia
Holi is celebrated at the same time as the time when the Indians celebrate it.
They celebrate the same way as they do to.
Traditional concerts are held in cities.
8.Throwing coloured powder at other people, because then I get to throw powder at people I hate.

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