Weekly Activities to help keep you and your Family Busy whilst staying Safe at home .

Keeping You Busy at home 

Children love being creative and adventurous especially when adults play alongside them. For children
to become emotionally strong and healthy, they need safe challenges and new experiences. Here are
some ideas of things you can do at home to support this important learning.
Playing outside if possible, improves children’s physical and sensory development as well as their
imaginations and it’s fun! Here are some creative activities that you can use with your child.

Make a den
• Look for sticks and branches.
• Find logs.
• Hunt for interesting things to put in your den.

Music festival
• Form your own band.
• Make your own instruments.
• Listen to music and dance along with the actions.

Junk modelling
• Use your saved recycling rubbish to explore, create and experiment.
• Use glue, sticky tape, string, paint, anything you like and let your
imagination go wild!

Nature treasure hunts
• Go on a treasure hunt inside or outside the house. Collect anything
interesting or unusual. For example, flowers, buttons, leaves and toys.
• Bug hunts – how many different ones can you find?

Let’s get moving
• Take part in The Body Coach’s daily PE lesson on YouTube.
• Create an obstacle course from items around the house, that includes
balancing, crawling, stretching, throwing and catching.
• Do physical activites in an outdoor space.

• Share the preparation for a simple meal.
• Peel and chop fruit and vegetables.
• Make a sandwich with a choice of fillings.
• Experiment with different flavours and textures.

• Sow some seeds.
• Do some weeding or tidy your outdoor space.
• Look for bugs!
• Water your house plants.
Top Tips:
Allow children to play freely while you follow their lead, keep them safe and enjoy
the experience alongside them.
Encourage your child to be as adventurous and creative as possible, perhaps by role modelling
the activity yourself first.
Physical activity supports children by allowing thinking skills to develop.

Please post comments and photos of the activities you do 

Have Fun !!!

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Lisa Gray

Senior Practitioner for Nurture and Wellbeing

Hi I’m Lisa I have worked at WCPS for almost 15 years now and class it as my second family . I have 3 grown up children , twin girls & a boy and a very special grandson aged 4 who keeps me very busy at the weekends . I love learning and new challenges and am incredibly passionate about raising awareness around mental health and wellbeing. My buzz saying is ‘keep smiling ‘